Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mindflex game : Online Game "Crossfire"

Cross Fire Is Multiplayer game and you can download it for free in the official site and crossfire have many official site like :,, and the other!!
you can choose it with your country, example : you play that at indonesia so download it from indonesian official site!!.

This Game Have a specification for your pc :
Minimum :                                  Recommended:
Ram : 1 Gb (minimum).               Ram : 2 gb - or better (recommended)
HD free : 4 Gb (minimum).          HD Free : 6 - or much Gb (recommended)
Pentium : Intel (minimum).           Pentium : Core 2 Duo , Core i3 , and better (recommended
if your computer have that so you can play crossfire Just download it on the official site!

Screen Shot Crossfire :

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