Saturday, April 13, 2013

Download Left 4 dead Full Rip

Ok. I think You Come To the right place because i will give you my new game and the game is left 4 dead and this is the first series of left 4 dead.

In here i will tell you about the specification
and here it is

Pentium IV 2.5 Ghz Or Better
Vga : 64 MB
Ram : 512
HD free : 6 GB

Ok now you know yeah too much HD free isn't ?
So That why i give you to download just 3 GB

Ok before i give you the link i will show you another screen shot ok?

ok now the link is down here

password left 4 dead :
password update patch :
if you have problem with your game try to fix it here

Cool and nice ninja games at facebook ( Ninja Warz )

hi , Everyone now i will share cool facebook games , and it has ninja in the game , and the game is " NINJA WARZ "

This game will tell you about the story about a ninja from white belt (level 1 - 6) Until Black Belt ( level 31 - 36) In this game you can train so much ninja and buy ninja, when you join this game the game will ask you what kind of klan do you want to join!

Red Shirt Clan : More Powerful than everyone
Black Shirt Clan : More Critical damage than the other
White Shirt Clan : More Healthy and focused in body and health

After Choose your Ninja you will need to recruit your own ninja and train your ninja till be the master of ninja
If you have more karma you will have more powerful ninja and powerful weapons .
Buy Relics For increase your HP , Or critical chance , etc.
Buy Magic For helping you fight powerful enemies

Tips :
-Go to the Daimyo Every 4 Hour to claim your Rewards
-Fight another clan and win it for making you more powerful..!!

How To play Left 4 dead Multiplayer Or LAN

ok , now i will tell you about my new little secret about left 4 dead !
First When you're in left 4 dead make sure u're in 1 connection / In same network with another pc that you want to connect with.

Press "~" Under " Esc " Key To open the console , if the console doesn't open go to options -> Keyboard And Mouse -> Enable Console .

And after you open the console write the text under here to the server pc ( in console menu ).

" sv_lan 1 "
" sv_allow_loby_connect_only 0 "
" net_start "
" map [Choose your own map] "

Another PC Open console and insert :
" Connect [ First pc's left 4 dead ip ] "

How to know first pc addres is easy when you write " net_start " on top of the console will automatic show the IP ADDRES

easy isn't ? Ok thank you for Coming , Come Back Soon!!