Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mindflex Game : Rpg Game (dragon city) Facebook Game

Hi guys do you know dragon city i think you don't ! if you want to know what is dragon city? what's dragon city feature? how to play dragon city? Can i fight my dragon with another dragon? if you doesn't know that, i will tell you or teach you about dragon city!

Dragon City Loading

 what is dragon city? Dragon city is a town with Dragon and you can Buy or breed your dragon, also you can buy another island to your dragon!!

Dragon city Feature.
Dragon city have a feature and that's a nice feature like you can build your town, level up your character and your dragon, also you can play multiplayer (because this is fb game).

How to play dragon city.
is easy to play it, cause you just need to buy dragon, build a home, breed your dragon, and buy a new island for your dragon!!
tips : To have much  Gold in dragon city you just need to Grow your dragon and wait 30 minute then click your dragon habitats !!
 tips : to make food you just need to click you just need to buy it and wait for it!! to grow your dragon click your dragon then click feed like this picture

How to fight dragon.
First you character must level 10 if your character under level 10 you can't but  if you level 10 you can fight like this
simple to fight just click the icon!!

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