Saturday, March 16, 2013

Download Call Of duty Black Ops 2 + walkthrough

Call Of Duty Black Ops II , Can Be played with single or multiplayer but i think you better play COD with multiplayer because multiplayer give you  better experience , during the online game you must have internet connection and you need skill to play online , because in online game you will challenge the pro player , so i suggest you to play single player before playing multiplayer.

Walkthrough Call Of Duty Black Ops II

About COD Black Ops II

The single-player campaign will feature two connected storylines, one set in the 1970s through 1980s and the other in 2025. The protagonist of Black Ops, Alex Mason returns as the protagonist in the Cold War section, where he will be fighting in proxy wars for the United States in the Cold War.

Known locations for this section of the game include multiple sites in Central America and in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion. This section of the game will also see the rise to infamy of the game's primary antagonist, Raul Menendez.

In 2025, a second Cold War erupts between China and the United States. War is defined by robotics, cyber warfare, unmanned vehicles and other modern technology. Taking advantage of this stand-off, Menendez attempts to bring the two superpowers to a full-blown war by inciting conflict.

Both Multiplayer and Zombies Modes

 walkthrough "VIDEO"
this walkthrough contain all of the call of duty black ops II Tips And Trick.... Everything you need to know is in this video....

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